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European PGA Tour Carroll’s Irish Open 1991

Irish Open Logo [Ref: 3]

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club, 20-23 June 1991

PlayerPrize Stg £R1R2R3R4Total
N Faldo (Eng)60,96068757070283 (-5)
C Montgomerie (Sco)40,64068727670286 (-2)
F Nobilo (NZ)20,59472707471287 (-1)
C Mason (Eng)20,59469737669287 (-1)
J-M Olazabal (Esp)14,14771707572288 (Level)
R Drummond (Sco)14,14775756969288 (Level)
C Farry (Aus)10,05969787270289 (+1)
P Walton10,05974727271289 (+1)
E Ferrero (Arg)7,12373777169290 (+2)
H Clark (Eng)7,12374737568290 (+2)
D Feherty7,12377737565290 (+2)
R Claydon (Eng)7,12369757274290 (+2)
C O’Connor Jr5,85976707768291 (+3)
M Davis (Eng)5,48669767671292 (+4)
P O’Malley (Aus)5,48671717971292 (+4)
A Saavedra (Arg)4,47869757771293 (+5)
V Singh (Fij)4,47875757370293 (+5)
D Williams (Eng)4,47878747467293 (+5)
B Langer (Ger)4,47875737273293 (+5)
P Stewart (USA)4,47869717976293 (+5)
G Turner (Eng)4,22478737073294 (+6)
H Balocchi (SA)4,22474767569294 (+6)
M Gales (Eng)3,73172697975295 (+7)
P Mitchell (Eng)3,73173737772295 (+7)
R Karlsson (Swe)3,73172737971295 (+7)
M MacKenzie (Eng)3,73169758071295 (+7)
S Bowman (USA)3,73178747370295 (+7)
M Calcavecchia (USA)3,73174737670295 (+7)
T Levet (Fr)3,73176747669295 (+7)
T Charnley (Eng)3,09470817471296 (+8)
J Hawkes (SA)3,09472767870296 (+8)
D Cooper (Eng)3,09479737668296 (+8)
R Boxall (Eng)3,09474737772296 (+8)
D Clarke3,09477757668296 (+8)
R Hartman (USA)2,63374727774297 (+9)
S Richardson (Eng)2,63373767474297 (+9)
M Persson (Swe)2,63371767773297 (+9)
G Brand Jr (Sco)2,63369738269297 (+9)
M Roe (Eng)2,63372747571297 (+9)
F Lindgren (Swe)2,63375767670297 (+9)
M Mouland (Wal)2,63374738070297 (+9)
R Chapman (Eng)2,19472737677298 (+10)
M Martin (Esp)2,19475777175298 (+10)
W Longmuir (Sco)2,19474727874298 (+10)
W Westner (USA)2,19473797571298 (+10)
G Ralph (Eng)2,19474777770298 (+10)
J Spence (Eng)1,82876747673299 (+11)
S Stephen (Sco)1,82875757772299 (+11)
G Turner (NZ)1,82875777671299 (+11)
M Fernandez (Arg)1,82873797671299 (+11)
M Miller (Sco)1,82874738171299 (+11)
B Lane (Eng)1,57275767376300 (+12)
O Moore (Aus)1,57273767972300 (+12)
A Johnstone (Zim)1,42672777874301 (+13)
M Clayton (Aus)1,42675757873301 (+13)
J Bennett (Eng)1,21672727979302 (+14)
J Hawksworth (Eng)1,21676747676302 (+14)
P Fowler (Aus)1,21676757873302 (+14)
A Murray (Eng)1,21672787973302 (+14)
L Higgins1,08074767776303 (+15)
P Carrigill (Eng)1,08076757776303 (+15)
M McLean (Eng)1,08072797775303 (+15)
D James (Sco)85073757977304 (+16)
L Carbonelli (Arg)85074757877304 (+16)
D Jones85072797974304 (+16)
R Winchester (Eng)85077728273304 (+16)
V Forsband (Swe)54577737976305 (+17)
M Lanner (Swe)54576767875305 (+17)
B Nelson (USA)54276748076306 (+18)
T Corridan54275758076306 (+18)
J Heggarty54276767678306 (+18)
J Mosey (Eng)53975747979307 (+19)
M Farry (Fra)53773787978308 (+20)
M Poxon (Eng)535737272DSQ
W Reilly (Aus)534777578RET
European PGA Tour Carrolls Irish Open 1991 [Ref: 1-2]


Nick Faldo won the Carroll’s Irish Open with three shots to spare, on the Euroean PGA Golf Tour in 1991, held from 20-23 June in Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. The first Irishman was Philip walton, six Shots behind on One Over Par 289, with David Feherty on Two Over, and Christy O’Connor Jr on Three Over.

It was a long way back to the next Irishman, Darren Clarke coning in on Eight Over Par, with L Higgins on 15 Over, D Jones on 16 Over, and T Corridan and J Heggarty on 18 Over Par.



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Thanks to Conor Lynch, John Cummins & Liam Delaney.

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